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Periodontal Services
  1. Simple CleaningProphylaxis or simple cleaning is preventative care. It’s recommended that you have one or two done every year, as it’ll help prevent more serious issues from arising.During a regular cleaning, the dentist will first check out your mouth for any signs of things such as cavities, abscesses, or cancer signs. Once they’ve made sure everything is okay, then they turn things over to the dental hygienist.

    They will then thoroughly clean your teeth. They’ll remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar through the use of specialized equipment that’ll do so without harming your teeth. If there are any light stains present, they’ll also remove it with their tools. Once all that’s done, the dental hygienist will then polish your teeth. Not only does this get rid of anything left behind, but it’ll also give your pearly whites a nice shine.

  2. Gum Disease Treatment
    Gum disease, also called Periodontal disease, is an excessive bacterial build up, which occurs between the teeth and gums. Periodontal disease occurs when tartar accumulates more than four millimeters below the gum line, creating pockets between the teeth and gums, where bacteria thrive. If left unattended, periodontal disease can lead to inflammation, infection, bone loss and systemic health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. When diagnosed with periodontal disease, patients will require special teeth cleanings.